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February 22
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“Owch….” Laying on the ground you held your foot with tears falling down your face. You foot was twisted and looked bruised. You let out another cry and more tears were falling. Some foot steps were heard and a female shrieking was heard along with the footsteps. Looking up you saw Mey-rin panting and looking at you just as Finnian and Bard followed behind her and saw you on the ground.

“My!  _______-chan is hurt!” Mey-rin said and kneeled down looking at your foot. She was freaking out when Finnian frowned and got on the ground to pick you up.

“Finnian!” Yelling you put our arms around his neck as he started running into the manor with Mey-rin heading another way and Bard following behind you and Finnian.

“What is with all of the noise so early in the morning?” A strict voice made everyone stop and look to where the voice was. Sebastian stood there with his arms crossed glaring. He looked to you and Finnian and he dropped his arms, then he walked to you. “Finnian, what is wrong with _______?” He looked from you and to Finnian.

The smaller male looked down to you and made a nervous laugh. “We saw her on the ground crying. Her foot looks hurt!” He started tearing up and grabbed you tighter which hurt a little as you gasped.

“Fi-finnian it hur-hurts!” Gasping in hold he let you go and handed you over to Sebastian.

“My lady,  I will take a look at your foot so please be patient.” Nodding at the butler, he took you to your room and set you on the bed and walked out to get some bandages. Feeling a little out of it you laid down and looked up to the cover of your bed.

“Sebastian! Where are you?” A male voice was heard as you looked down to see Ciel walking through the hall confused. Thinking if you want to get up or not you decided to sit up and try to put your foot down before you wailed from the pain in your foot.

Ciel stopped and turned back to your room and looked in watching as you cradled your foot. “What is with you?” His stern voice made you look up with slight tears in your eyes. Blinking you looked down and stuttered.

“Please do-don’t laugh ok?” He nodded and you went back to cradling your foot when Ciel sat next to you on your bed. “I was running in the garden from a bee and I tripped. I think I broke my foot.” Tears came down your cheeks as you sobbed.

Feeling a hand on your cheek you stopped and moved your eyes to see Ciel wiping your cheeks to rid of your tears. His face was a little pink as you smiled a little.

Sebastian came out of nowhere with some bandages in his hand and looked at Ciel curiously. “Young master? What are you doing in here? I thought you were busy with paperwork?” Ciel stopped wiping your cheeks and his face turned more pink and put his hands in his lap looking away.

“I was calling for you and you were not answering! So I decided to look for you and then I saw ______ crying." He huffed and Sebastian came up to you and as gentle as he could took off your boot and stocking to get to your foot.

Ciel looked at what Sebastian was doing and then looked up to your face. He turned pink again and grabbed your hand to comfort you.


It had been a week since you broke your foot. Everyone was doing everything for you, you kept refusing their offers but did it anyway with trouble caused by the three workers. Sighing you sprawled out on the bed counting the rips on the cover of your bed.

Bored out of your mind you thought of wanting to go out of the manor to look at the flowers. Feeling a little apprehensive of wanting to walk you called for Sebastian.

Said demon butler, he came walking into your room with his arm across his chest smiling. “Yes my lady?”

“I would like to go outside and see the flowers! I haven’t left this bed in a week and I want to go outside really bad.” Pouting, you sat up and struggled to get off your bed. Sebastian came up to you and picked you up in his long arms.

Walking outside he set you down on a bench. “My lady, Ciel will be accompanying you soon.” He smirked and bowed to walk away looking at the garden looking for Finnian.

“Hm?” You looked around seeing quite a lot of roses in all different colors. Smiling at the way the garden looked you sniffed and closed your eyes to enjoy the sun that was out less and less since the weather was turning cold for the winter time.

“______….” You shook from being scared at the sudden voice. Opening your eyes you saw a blue eye staring right at you. Blushing you patted the seat next to you. He sat down and looked straight ahead at the red roses.

“What are you doing out here?” Looking down at your hurt foot you sighed then looked up to see Ciel.

“Taking a break from all the paperwork.” Was all he said. Taking his hand you smiled and put your head on his shoulder.

“Well im glad you took a break. I miss seeing you all the time.” Ciel was still as you took his hand but relaxed and set his head on your head feeling content.

“I was worried you were still hurting. I want you to be ok.” You smiled and cuddled closer to the young male.

The birds were chirping around the two of you and the wind picked up making you shiver. “I will be alright. It will be a while to heal but it will go faster with you around.”
Sorry -_- I kind of just went along with this so I hope its alright ^^

Request for :iconnimaruhinodashi: Sorry for taking so long!

I do not own the characters or pic
I own the stories

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