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It has been a week since Feliciano had last saw Ludwig. He got worried thinking that Ludwig didn’t want to be with him anymore. Looking down at his phone he saw there was one message, it was from the said German. Putting a smile on his face even if no one was there to see it he unlocked the phone and saw the message.

Right after reading it his smile turned into a frown and tears were welling up in his eyes. He couldn’t believe what Ludwig had typed to him. Feliciano threw his phone at the wall and buried his face into his hands bawling.

You were walking at the dead of night. Shrugging your fluffy coat closer to your body you grabbed your cell phone out of your pocket to call your best friend Feli. You wanted to see him lately as you started to love his cheery attitude and his love for pasta. Smiling you dialed his number. The phone kept ringing until it hit voicemail.

Getting worried about your italian crush, stuffing the phone into your pocket you ran to his house as it was fairly close from your own home.

Reaching to his home you knocked feverishly on the door. You got no answer within a minute so you grab the spare key that he hid under the welcome mat. Putting the key through the lock, you opened the door to a silenced house.

You then ran around the small house to see no one in any of the rooms. Walking out of the kitchen crying was heard.

Following the sound you made it to Ludwigs room. Quietly opening the door you saw Feliciano on his stomach crying on his dear friends bed. Walking up to the crying italian you gently sat your hand on his back rubbing it while sitting next to him.

Feli stopped crying from feeling pressure on his back. He turned a little so his top half was turned to the side. He saw you and you saw how red and puffy his eyes were. Bending down you hug the poor guy.

“What’s wrong Feli? Why are you in Ludwigs room?” You felt him stiffen in your hug as he started crying again.

“H-he *sniff* se-sent m-me *sniff* a t-text.” He said as he thrusted his phone in your face making you blink. You took his phone and saw what Ludwig had texted Feli.

It read:
Dear Feliciano,
This is Gilbert texting. I am just telling you that Ludwig had been killed. We found him in a forest dead.
Again im sorry that I am the one to text you about this. If you are wondering how I got ahold of his phone is that the person who found Ludwig found this on his body.

You gasped hearing that Feli’s best friend had been killed. You heard a week ago that he had gone to fight.

Throwing the phone to the other side of the bed you tackle Feli making the both of you fall in a heap. You wanted the other to feel better.

Grabbing onto him harder you close the gap hugging him as he started crying into your shoulder shaking. Patting his back made him cry harder. “Feli. I know this is going to be hard for you. I will be here for you.” You tried to sooth him to stop shaking by whispering comforting things into his ear.

The both of you stayed laying on the bed for a good hour before soft snoring was heard. Feli was asleep as you smile but frown just as quick seeing his pained expression on his always cheerful face.

“I… Love you Feliciano.” You whisper and fell asleep next to him, to tired to leave.


Weeks have passed from you confessing to Feli, you felt a little better but not because he was asleep. You had visited Feli every day since he heard Ludwig had passed, you had to make sure he would not off himself. Feli was depressed and never left his home. You had to do all the shopping for him.

You could not stand seeing him like this but you also knew he has to have time to get better. No one would want to be rushed to move on so quickly.

Walking through the front door of the italians home you throw the grocery bags on the counter. “Feli! Im back!” You yell as you walk to his room to see if he is there.

Feliciano’s door was open. Weird. You peeked in seeing Feli on his bed sleeping. You smile seeing his sleeping face, he looked happier than before so you walk back to the kitchen to make him and yourself dinner.

After a while you were almost done making the pasta when you heard a movement behind you.

Just before you turned around to see who it was you felt arms wrap around your waist. You mentally screamed and looked up to see Feli yawning and look down at you. His eyes were red again.

“Hello (f/n).” His voice cracking from not talking a lot made you frown.

“Helo Feli! I just was about done making the dinner. You should sit down.” You brought your frown to a smile as you looked at him to gesture him to sit at the table.

He shook his head and kept his spot stuck to you.

“I know. Oh I just wanted to say I am very grateful that you have helped me through this the past few weeks.” After he said that he let go and sat down at the table.

Blushing again you turned back to the dinner and finished it up.

After eating you took Feli to his room and laid down with him. You took out a book as you started reading hearing some snoring. Stopping on the word you last read you left your finger on it to see Feli again sleeping with his head on the side of your body.

Putting your hand on his head you thread your fingers through his hair petting him purposely staying away from his curl. You guys stayed like this until your eyes shut and fell asleep clinging on to the taller male.

No matter how long it will take for him to get better, you will always be there for him. You loved him and will do anything to help him out. Even if it means you will not hear him say “I love you.” back. You felt content with what you had now.

The curtains fluttered in the wind as a figure was shown smiling at the two people with a ghostly tear rolling down their face.
omg what did I write. Poor Feli T^T
This was a request! (Im slowly getting them done!)

I do not own the characters or pic
I own the story and you

Heres my twitter to see what im doing -->
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