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October 11, 2013
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Walking into the daycare you started up a few months back, you sighed seeing some kids you saw on a daily basis. Putting a smile on your face you crouch down trying your hardest not to harm the little one in your stomach. You say hi and wave to one kid in particular, he was like one of your own kids. The little boy was only 6 years old and already a ladies man. He loves pasta and anything italian. He had brownish auburn hair that had a cute curl coming out of his head.

“Hi Feli! How have you been today~?” You sang out making your smile bigger. Feli waved back and ran to you giving you a hug.

“Miss. (l/n)! Im-a good!” He said in his italian accent you thought was cute and hugged him back. “Do you-a have any idea-a where Ludwig is?” He questioned.

You shook your head at the little boy. “No Feli. I think he went to go train with his brother.” Patting his head you carefully got up and rubbed your stomach.

You were a few months pregnant and didn’t really like it, you craved the outrageous food and now your little child inside of you has started kicking having you in pain.

Picking up your purse you walk to the counter and set it down looking at your helper Elizabeth helping take care of the kids while you were gone.

Suddenly the door made a ringing noise saying that someone came in. You jumped up and saw it was Ludwig.

“Hello Luddy~” You cooed and walked over to him hugging him as the best as you could since you tummy was pretty large. You look up at the large man, “I thought you were training with your brother?”

“I told Gilbert vhat I vanted to rest for today.” You gave Ludwig a shocked face because he never skipped out on training.

“You never skip out on training though! Why did you say you needed rest?”

“I vanted to spend the day vith my liebe.” He hugged you more.

There was a coughing noise from behind you so you got out of Ludwigs grasp and looked at where the noise came from. It was from Elizabeth.

“You going to stand there hugging him or are you going to help out?” She said holding twins in her arms.

“I’ll help out Eliza. Ludwig is going to be joining us today.”

You walk away from ludwig and grab Feli and walk back to ludwig knowing that Feli loves Ludwig. The kid started cheering and he got very happy talking in italian. You gave him to Ludwig and smiled towards the two. ‘I cant wait until this kid comes out of me. Ludwig will be a great father.’ You thought smiling.

Watching Ludwig and Feli play brought a s mile to your face as they were coloring. It wasn’t very ludwig like to have him be this good with kids but you liked it.

Rubbing your belly again you sigh as you help with the other kids. The twins that Elizabeth were holding were laying on the ground talking so you walked over to them.

“How are you Matthew and how are you Alfred?” You ruffle both of their heads as they whine from you doing that.

~time skip to late at night after dinner~

Getting up from the table you waddle to the sink but soon felt arms wrap around you with a plate on one hand grabbing your own plate to wash it. “vou should not do so much.” Ludwig said as you felt his hard rock chest on your back.

“But luddy~ I want to do it.” You whine turning around wrapping your arms around his middle. He chuckled patting your head doing the dishes while you clinged on to him.


Laying on the bed very carefully you rub your swollen belly. Sighing in somewhat pain you roll to your side finding Ludwig sitting on the bed reading a book. You brought your hand up to the book to get his attention.

“Hey Luddy~” You cooed out making him shiver from the nickname you gave him.

“I told you not to call me vhat” He tried to give you a deadly look but failed as he put his hand on his face rubbing it. “Vhat do you vant?” Looking at you with only one eye.

Curling up into his side you try to look up at the German. “You better be a great father for our child. I hate being pregnant you know.”

Patting your head again he looked down at you and responded making you smile.

“I vill, dont vorry Liebe.”
Woah im so sorry if it sucks D:
I made one story and just added on to it and made this. I hope its ok >.<
This was a request for someone :)

I OWN YOU OR :iconsexygermanyplz: DOES
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