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January 31
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“Bark bark!” Tetsuya #2 barked at Kuroko as he was put in a bag. Kuroko left his home to find you standing there with a goofy look on your face and your hand behind your back.

“What are you doing here?” He asked. Shaking your head you laughed and walked to the blue haired male to stop as your nose touched his.

“Here.” Was all you said before backing away a few steps watching Kuroko open the small box you handed him. Watching him open it made you smile.

Kuroko pulled out a book he had been wanting for awhile now. None of the stores he went into had it so his face showed shock from his usual emotionless mask. “How did you get this _____-san?”

Twirling a finger around a lock of hair you whistled and kept your look on Kuroko. “I had a person I knew buy me a copy. You have been talking about this book so I thought I would surprise you for your birthday kuro-kun.” He smiled back at you and put the book in his bag with Tetsuya #2 barking.

Giggling you patted the cute canine on the head, it licked your hand after you petted him. Standing in front of him again your eyes met his nose so you looked up a little to see a shine of something in his eyes.

“Well thank you for the gift. I like it. Want to accompany to some food?” Nodding you wrapped your arm around Kurokos as the both of you with Kurokos dog heading off to his favorite fast food place.

“I would like a cheeseburger please!” You ordered standing in front of a older lady cashier. Looking back at Kuroko he seemed a little out of it as you smiled and went back to ordering your food and his. “Also I would like to get a large vanilla shake.” The cashier nodded and punched in your order of two cheeseburgers, a __fave drink__ and Kurokos vanilla shake.

Sitting down after your food got delivered the both of you sat in a booth sitting across from each other and Tetsuya #2 barking with his head out of the bag. You laughed and pet the dog again earning another lick to the hand.

“It looks like #2 likes you _____-san.” Kuroko commented as you bent back up and unwrapped your burger. Looking at him you bit into the burger.

Chewing and swallowing the bite of the burger you stopped. “Well he is a cutie! He looks like you too which makes him cuter~” Kuroko blushed a little at your sentence and coughed.

“T-thank you. After we eat want to hang for a little?” You nodded giving him a smile and the both of you went back to eating as each of you both stole glances of the other.

By the time you and kuroko were done eating the sun was in the middle I the sky. Looking up at the cloudy sky you threw your hands behind your back intertwining your fingers together and trudged along with your friend.

"Want to come to my house? I know my parents are still home but want to come over?" Looking at your blue haired friend you nodded and walked to his home feeling nervous. Having known kuroko since your childhood still made you feel nervous around his parents and grandmother. They would sometimes talk to you without Kuroko about wanting you to be with Kuroko because they like you so much and you were the only girl to befriend him and stick with him.

Kuroko opened the door to his house; he saw the lights were off and turned them on to find his teammates and parents standing there with a cake in his grandmothers hands and decorations thrown around. “SURPRISE!”

Kuroko took a step back in shock bumping into you making you giggle. Taking his hand you whispered in his ear. “Happy birthday Kuro-kun~” and kissed his cheek making the male blush.

Kuroko’s friends were crowding the phantom player as you stood back smiling holding a cup of juice. “____-san.” A female voice threw you out of your thoughts as you saw a small woman that looked exactly like Kuroko. She had a plate of food in her hand and smiled at you.

“Hello kaasan. Kuro-kun looked really surprised at what you and otosan did for him. It was nice helping you guys out.” You smiled at Kurokos mother and took a sip of your drink.

“I thought he would like it since he usually doesn’t like having parties.” She said and brushed her lithe fingers through her long blue hair. Her light blue eyes squinted as she laughed hearing her graceful laugh made you feel more nervous. Looking back at your friend you noticed he looked a little scared, you went back to Kurokos mother and opened your mouth.

“I think I need to save him. He looks a little unsure of himself over there with Kagami putting him in a headlock.” You giggled and walked over to the poor teen and told Kagami to stop. Taking Kurokos hand you led him to his backyard to get fresh air.

“Arigato _____-san” Kuroko sat on the grass by the door as you followed his movements brushing your shoulders against his.

“It was no problem. You looked a little scared there.” You laughed and set your head in his shoulder. “Again, happy birthday Kuro-kun.” You sighed and closed your eyes feeling Kurokos breathing as he breathed in and out.

Feeling content in the quiet atmosphere Kuroko turned his head kissed your cheek and then back to looking at the darkening sky with a smile on his face.

“Arigato.” Was all he said before hearing the back door open and a camera going off and a chuckle behind them.
Happy birthday Kuroko!!!!! <3

I started this last night and had to re-do it like 2-3 times xD

I do not own the characters or pic
I own the story

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