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August 30, 2013
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The sun was shining a bright yellow up in the blue cloudless sky. A girl was seen walking on the sidewalk to school. The girls name was (f/n). She had (e/c) eyes that shined and seemed to brighten everyones day and (h/l) (h/c) hair blown in the wind making her hair get into knots. "Man this wind is crazy, I better hurry or I will be late!" She said out loud to no one in particular. While running to school a young man with green/brown hair looked up from playing with a cat he found on some steps to see (f/n) run to school. He sighs and gets up from his spot and looks at the little kitten and pets it one more time and leaves to school. You can already guess that they both go to the same school.

Reaching Iwatobi high (f/n) finally stops running and pants while crouched down trying to catch her breath. She gets up and straightens her uniform and her red bow that says she is a first year. Walking down the little entryway to walk in and go to her class which was a far walk. The tall young man name Makoto soon followed suit and walked into the building, he see's a glimpse of the girls (h/c) hair going around a corner. Makoto had a small smile on his face and walked to his classroom.

"Hi." Makoto's closest friend Haruka said staring out the window probably thinking about his precious water.

"Hi Haru." Makoto smiles at his water loving friend and sits down staring at the front of the classroom thinking about that girl he saw this morning. The bell rang to say that class will start and brought Makoto back to reality.


(f/n) sighed looking at the clock seeing how there is a minute left of class. 'I can't wait to get out of here!' She thought and put her head down listening to some kids talk. One guy had caught her hearing by talking to another guy about some club they belonged to. "Can you wait until the Prefectural tournament Rei-chan!" one of the guys said. The girl looked up and saw the blonde guy looking up at the taller blue haired guy. "We still need to train for it and I want to look beautiful swimming in it." The other said. 'Hmm they seem like interesting people' (f/n) thought. The bell rang telling students and teachers that school is over. The girl leaped up from her seat and shouted "Finally!" to no one in particular. Looking straight ahead she see's the same guys that were talking about swimming looking at her.

"Uh hi." She shyly says to the guys. "Hello (f/n)-chan! I wanted to ask you if you would like to come see the swimming club today!" The blonde haired guy said as he started getting closer to her. "u-uh alright. I have nothing to do anyway." The girl blushes when the blonde took her hand and drag her out of the classroom with the blue haired boy behind them.

"Oh (f/n)-chan I forgot im Nagisa and this is Rei-chan!" Nagisa said to the blushing girl with their hands still locked walking down to the pool area. They walked for a few more minutes and reach the pool the school had. 'Wow this place is pretty, I never knew about this pool here.' (f/n) thought as she was brought back when Nagisa let go of her hand to go and change into his swim gear. "A-ah wait! Nagisa, where do I go?" She yells to Nagisa. He turned around and smiled saying "Theres a chair you can sit in over there!" and pointed to a chair by the fence. "Thank you!" The girl yells and trotted over the chair with her (h/c) swaying in the wind.

"Hi guys." The tall green/brown haired guy said with his eyes closed and smiling waving at his teammates. Makoto see's a person that is sitting in a chair that never is there when the guys are swimming, he looks in the direction the person is at and saw that it was the girl from this morning. "Uh Nagisa who is that girl over there? Why is she here?" He questioned to Nagisa who came out of the room from changing. "Oh thats (f/n)-chan! I dragged her here to see us swim!" Makoto looked at (f/n) again and put his hand on his face and shook it.

"Oh hello guys!" Yelled out Gou as she is running into the pool area so the guys could start practicing for the tournament. " I got us some snack and drinks for-" She stops mid sentence because she saw (f/n) sitting there on the chair "Who's that?" Gou asked to no one in particular. "Thats (f/n)-chan, Kou." Makoto tilts his head back to look at Gou. "Oh ok. Well lets get started! We only have a few days left till the tournament! Get going!"

The (h/c) haired girl stared as the club members went on with the their business in their swimming, but she had her eyes on a certain brown haired guy. 'Have I met him before? I feel like I have seen him from somewhere. He is cute though.' As (f/n) made that thought the said guy came over to her to see if she would like to swim with them. putting his hand out to tap the girl on the shoulder to catch her attention he say's "H-hello (f/n)-chan. Care for a swim?" with a slight blush on his face and has his hand out to see if she would take it. "I would love to!" She yelled out and took his hand to get up out of the chair she was sitting in for a while.

(f/n) walked with Makoto still holding on to his hand walking to the pool with everyone else. "Um is it alright if I swim with you guys?" She said with a blush on her face forgetting Makoto hand still in hers staring at the others. "Sure (f/n)-chan!" Nagisa said jumping up and down and stops his movements to see (f/n) and Makoto holding hands "oh and i bet he made you join us?" Nagisa had his eyes set on their hands. Haruka and Rei look at Nagisa then at the two people holding hands. Haruka looked away and said something under his breath sounding like "I dont care" and dove into the water while Rei just pushed his glasses up on his face and look away.

"Alright I'll go change then." (f/v) let go of Makotos hand and soon felt empty 'Why do I feel like this?' She thought and walked to the changing room. "good thing im wearing my swimsuit from gym earlier." she got undressed and set her uniform aside and walked out to the guys and jumped into the water.

Soon after a few minutes the girl was enjoying swimming and playing with everyone while Gou watched and talked to their advisor under her umbrella. "This is fun you guys!" The girl had a smile on her face. "We would like you to come again sometime (f/n)." Nagisa said as he started splashing her with water and giggled like a girl. Makoto was staring at her again and smiled to himself trying to keep it down low while thinking about her and how he has come to like the underclassman.
I have to come to love makoto so much from watching Free! <3 He is just like a gentle giant.
This took me the whole day to do so I hope it is good!
First time writing for him and I hope I got somewhat his personality right.
I dont own him
I own the story
You belong to :iconmakototachibanaplz:
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Oh! And thank you so much for writing! :D
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I looove the chapter, i can't wait for part 2!! D:
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He is <3 and Im writing it right now :D
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