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December 18, 2013
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“Ooowaaa! This is a perfect titan specimen!” Hanji awwed at the 7 meter titan in front of him. Nostrils flaring he jumped from the excitement. You ran to him and grasped his shoulder trying to calm him down so Levi wouldn’t be up his ass for capturing yet another titan for research.

“Hanji calm down!” Yelling you hold on to him as he looked over his shoulder to see you and smile.

“(F/n) I want you to help me with something in my office~” He said in your ear making your body react to the hot breath and he then walked away jumping in excitement. Sweatdrops came off your forehead and you sighed.

“I’ll be gone. See ya.” You waved to everyone and turned to walk away following the crazy male as best as you could.

Walking to find the said male you went to his office to see what was up with your boyfriend. You saw him in his chair writing something down and then quickly threw everything into a draw hearing you come in.

The chair screeched making you and hanji cringe at the horrible noise it made. Looking to him he smiled again and walked towards you.

Getting scared you backed away a little only to hit your back on the door with Hanji coming closer to you. His body then touched you feeling his warmth as you unconsciously snuggled closer into him.

“It’s been awhile, we haven’t been alone like this for days! I miss being with you (f/n)~” Hanji moaned and brought his hand up to your cheek to caress it. You blushed at his movements. Hanji and you have been intimate before but it still gets to you when he does stuff like that.

“I miss being alone too Hanji. I really do.” You said and snuggled your cheek closer to his hand smiling at him.

His face brightened and brought it closer to yours to fully kiss you on the lips. His lips were chapped but you didn’t mind and kissed back groaning as his hands slowly made there way to under your shirt.

His hands were cold as they latched on to your stomach to rub as it made you giggle into the deep kiss.

Breaking the kiss you giggled more as Hanji smiled diving to your neck lightly nipping it making a what would be a bruise afterwards. His teeth grazed your neck lightly sucking on it making you squirm.

“A-ah. Hanji~” You said desperate to have him stop mauling your neck. His head came up as he stared at you with his brown like eyes. gliding your hands to his hair you undid his tie making the shoulder length hair fall. You grabbed the follicles and kissed him on the lips.

His hands went to your bum as he lightly squeezed making you yelp and hit him on the shoulder.

“Hanji.” You threatened him making him smirk and land his hands on to your waist to squeeze as you hummed taking his lips again.

Hanji took your body and walked over to his desk to have you sit on it as he walked in between your legs never breaking the kiss.

Suddenly scaring you and your boyfriend, the both of you broke apart hearing knocking and the doorknob moving indicating someone was coming in.

The door slammed open revealing a fuming corporal Levi.

“What the hell is with the f*cking titans Hanji!?” He bellowed out making you cringe at his tone of voice.

Hanji gave a nervous laugh while scratching his neck.

“About that Levi….”
Commission ^^

I like the thought of a male hanji being affectionate :3

I do not own the pic or characters
I own the story and you (If not you belong to Hanji ;D)
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