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Brushing your hand through the sand, bringing your hand up the sand falls through the cracks of your fingers making a waterfall. You were entranced by the way the sand was falling that you haven’t noticed a small figure come closer to you.

Looking away from the sand you saw a turtle slowly making it’s way to you. You brush the sand off of you and get up to walk towards the small turtle.

“Hey little guy, what are you doing all the way here?” Bending down to rest on your knees you touch the turtle but it freaks out and shoves its head into his shell. “Don’t be scared turtle! I will not bite!” You try to have the turtle come back out of its shell.

“Tortuga! Where are you!” You heard a voice yell as you look up from the small turtle to see a gorgeous guy walking to where you were. His skin was tan and made him look irresistible. His ruffled looking curly brown hair made him look hot also. It felt like you were going to have a nosebleed so you clenched your nose.

You let go of you nose and looked down at the turtle as his head popped out from his shelter. It turned its head in the direction of the yelling man. Picking up Tortuga. You giggled at its name as you walked over to the male.

“Is this your turtle sir?” Bringing the turtle to his eyesight and saw that his eyes got big with what looked like sparkles coming from him. You sweatdropped as he took the turtle and nuzzled it and kissed it.

“Gracias bella dama!” He screeched and took you into a hug making sure the turtle was alright. You couldn’t breathe so you struggled in his grasp. He noticed so he let you go scratching his head with his free hand smirking.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to hug you that hard dama. Im Antonio! What’s your’s?” He asked as he took his hand out so you could shake it.

“It’s ok! hehe, im (f/n). So your turtles name is tortuga? Thats an interesting name.” You giggle as Antonio’s face got red.

“His name is turtle in spanish so I thought it would fit.” You looked at him smiling as his smile grew.

“Oh really? Hey, I was going to go buy some ice cream. Want to go with me?” You touched his upper arm as you stared into his hypnotizing green eyes.

“I would like to bella!” He screeched again and ran off holding your hand to the closest place that sells ice cream.

After getting ice cream the both of you sat on a bench that had a perfect view of the ocean. You were staring into the sunset as Antonio was watching you. You had felt eyes on you so your head turned towards the male as he blinked and looked away from you.

“Hey Antonio-” “Toni. Call me Toni.” He interrupted you. “Ok. Hey Toni, today was wonderful and your turtle is adorable! I want to see you again. Is that alright?” You tilted your head making your (h/c) hair slide to one side making Antonio gulp from how beautiful you were.

“I would love that. You seem so different than my little Lovino!” He smiled back at you.

“Who’s Lovino?” You questioned.

“He’s my little cousin. He also has a twin brother and they act the complete opposite is crazy!” Antonio started laughing clutching his stomach.

“Well they sound adorable. I would like to meet them one day.” Grabbing your phone from your shorts you had on you looked at your phone your eyes widened at the time. You were late meeting up with Alfred. The american and you were supposed to meet up at his house to have a movie marathon and eat until you couldn’t anymore.

“Toni im so sorry! I have to go! A friend and I were supposed to have a movie marathon tonight and i'm late!” Hurrying you grab your bag and jump off the bench. Looking through your bag you find a pen and took Antonio’s hand and wrote you number. “Here’s my number if you want to hang out with me again. Bye!” You throw your pen back in your bag and kiss the males cheek scurrying off to Alfreds house.

Antonio looked at his hand and smiled at the numbers you wrote. He will call you sooner than you think to hang out with you. He then brought his hand to his cheek you kissed and sighed. “What am I going to do Tortuga?” He laughed and looked at his turtle that was in his lap.

He got up from the bench to see you left a little turtle keychain. Picking it up he said “I guess I will call her tomorrow about this.” to no one in particular. He pocketed it and walked back to his own home.
Wowie I think I like this. 

This is a request!

I thought tortuga would work for his turtles name xD 

i do not own the character or the pic
I own the story and you

"Gracias bella dama" - Thanks/ thank you beautiful lady
"Bella" - Beautiful
"Dama" - Lady
"Tortuga" - Turtle

If anything is wrong with the translations just tell me! I used the cursed google translate.
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