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October 25, 2013
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Someone requested this on tumblr ^^ I love the prompt! (This will also be on tumblr.)

Boys get up! You are going to miss school!” You yelled up the stairs as you had your hands on your hips waiting for any kind of sounds from your step brothers. Shaking your head you head into the kitchen to finish up breakfast which consisted of toast, jam, eggs, and bacon.

Suddenly a noise was heard through the quiet house you all lived in.

Who lives here? Your step brothers were known as the Allies because all were adopted by your step mom before she married your dad.

The youngest of the group was Alfred and Matthew. They were the twins and looked so alike that people would think Matthew was Alfred. Matthew never spoke too loud which at times was hard to hear but you loved his quiet personality. Alfred liked to call himself the hero and be loud.

Next was Arthur and Francis. They butted heads a lot and fought but you made sure they did not get to violent. It was amazing at how they would fight every time they saw each other.

Ivan scared you at first but his smile always made you smile, you also loved his passion for sunflowers. He made you buy some and now your backyard was full of bright yellow sunflowers of different sizes.

The oldest was Yao. He helped you out with the cooking, he loves cute things and used to always hug you saying “You are to cute!” you laughed at the memories.

Lately you have been feeling that your brothers were not themselves. Alfred hasn’t been annoying you or anyone else. No one is fighting or being themselves.

Shaking your head making your hair move along you dismissed the thoughts of them being bullied or anything bad happening to them. You loved them and acted like their mother in place when your step wasn’t home.

Sitting down at the table you start digging into your food enjoying the taste. You heard some noises again from upstairs and heard a patter of feet coming to the kitchen.

“good morning aru.” Yao said rubbing his eyes as he was already dressed in his school uniform. He had it altered a little bit to make it have longer sleeves. You thought it looked cute on him. You looked up from your food and smiled at the oldest. “Good morning Yao! Have a nice night?” Tilting your head with the smile still on your face.

He sat down across from you and grabbed some eggs and bacon, he looked up at you with a look that made your heart sink a little. “Yes.” That was all he said and dug into his food.

Hearing more of the patter of feet you look up to the doorway to see the twins and Ivan.

Swinging your legs you smile at them. “Good morning guys!”

“It is a good morning, da?”
“G-good m-m-morning (f/n)”

The three responded and they all sat down at the table. They had a look on their face that made you scrape the smile on your face and your lips curled down. The aura around you was not a good one.

Someone cut your thoughts as they ran down the stairs and a blonde flash passed by you as they spoke french and scurried around the kitchen and then running out. Blinking a few times you started back at your breakfast and just shrugged your shoulders.

“Good morning love.” Arthur said as he brushed by you and sat down to eat.

“What was with Francis?” You asked looking at Arthur, he shrugged and started eating his food.

After everyone ate you looked at the clock and saw you guys had an hour til school. So the first thing you do is make sure all of your brothers had everything ready for school.

“You got your homework done right Al?” He shook his head.

“Put on your uniform Francis.” He looked at you and pouted. “Oui.” and walked away with his head down. He muttered under his breath “I don’t want to go.”, you couldn’t hear him but thought nothing of it.

“Make sure Alfred doesn’t get in trouble today ok Matthew?” He nodded with and hugged his polar bear closer to himself.

You went on to the rest of your brothers and then walked to your room to get dressed for school. You went to a different school because the boys went to a private school. You wished you could have gone to their school but your father couldn’t pay for you to go.

Making sure you had everything for the day you trudged down the stairs and saw the boys gone. I guess they left early. Shrugging with a frown on your face you left the house locking the door behind you and shoving the key into your bag.

Little did you know that your brothers stayed home and you will be knowing as you got home.

Unlocking the door slumped with homework you drop your bag on the floor. “I’ll get that later” and walked into the kitchen. You got home early since your school had only had a half day.

“M-maple!” You heard a voice and started freaking out. Getting your head out of the fridge you grab an apple that was on the counter. Heading out of the kitchen you search around the house trying to catch where that voice was.

You heard it again and stopped at a door. You knew that door belonged to Matthew and Alfred. Slightly afraid, you slowly opened the door to find a figure on their bed shaking. Coming in the room you see it was Matthew crying. His hands were covering his face.

Walking up to him you knelt down in front of him and put your hand on his shoulder. “Why are you home Mattie?” You whispered to the youngest brother.

Sniffing was coming out of him. “No *sniff* reason (f/n) *sniff*” You frowned and took his hands making him look at you.

“Can you please tell me? Mattie, I love you and I don’t want you sad.” Brushing your thumbs over his tear stained face.

Looking away from you, Matthew started crying again.

“Im here Mattie! Please talk to me!” Your voice got louder but it was still a whisper.

“(f/n)-” He started and paused while finally looking at you with tears in his violet eyes. “I never wanted you to worry about me but-” He sniffed again as you took hold of his hand and gently squeezed it. “I am being bullied at school and-”

“What! How long?!” You couldn’t believe that your dearest was being bullied. He was so sweet and the most caring person.

“So is everyone else.” He finished crying harder now. Your eyes widened as you started tearing up. Now he said all of them were being bullied?! Matthew was sweet, Alfred was loud but had passion, Arthur was a definition of a gentleman, Francis was very passionate in anything about love, Ivan just was a teddy bear when he wanted to be and Wao was to loveable.

Who could be doing it?! You had to find the rest of your brothers and get everything straight.

~Timeskip of gathering your brothers as they were in their rooms while Alfred was in the bathroom~

Your eyes were watering again and you couldn’t stop them from running. You were all sitting on the couch except for you, you were sitting in front of them on the coffee table. The guys had looks on their faces that said everything that couldn’t be put into words. “Guys, why couldn’t you tell me before?” More tears were coming out and you just stared at each of their faces as they had tears in their own eyes. Starting to sniff the tallest Ivan came to you and held you. You returned his embrace and cried.

You couldn’t think straight now. Your own brothers were being bullied while you didn’t so anything. You HAD to do something and you had to do it now.

“Sister, we had to keep it quiet da.” Ivan spoke rubbing your head as he sat back on the couch with the others.

Sniff. “Why?”

“We didn’t want you to worry, soeur. Seeing you cry makes all of us triste.” Francis spoke up with his eyes red and puffy. He looked so miserable. You got up and hugged him.

“Who is doing it?” You said as you got out of his grasp and sat back down onto the table.

“Allen” Was the response you got. The bully was Allen?! You hated his guts ever since you first met him, he has been a nuisance to you and now to your loved ones.

Allen was an old childhood friend who used to be pretty mean to you. Why were you guys friends? Both of your parents made you two play with each other. You never got along with him.

Oh man, you were so mad at this point. You stood straight up, grabbed your jacket and walked out of the door making your brothers give you a sad confused look. Fuming down the sidewalk you stomped clenching your fists until they started bleeding from the pressure and how your nails were in your palm. Hissing at the pain you dismissed it right as you saw the brown haired jerk.

Stomping your way up you took him by the collar.

“What the he- (f/n) long time no see! You be looking fine~” Giving Allen a glare you tightened your fist on his collar and brought your face to his stopping when your nose touched his filthy nose.

“DO. NOT. EVER. GET. TO. MY. BROTHERS. AGAIN. GOT IT?!” Emphasizing each syllable.

He smirked touching your face. “Oh darling, I will stop if you do me a favor.” Shocked you let go of him and wiped your face to get where his hands touched.

“what would that be?” Glaring at him more he smirked again but bigger and more goofy looking.

“Be mine~” He said. Your eyes widened and you took the liberty to have your hand back and punch him right in the jaw as he flew to the ground. “NEVER. NOW LEAVE THEM ALONE ALLEN.” You kicked his side as a groan was heard. Turning your back to him you grinned and walked back home.

Before reaching the corner you saw all six of your brothers walking towards you. There faces were still sad. Hearing your name being called you jumped and ran into Arthur’s arms. “Im sorry, im sorry.” You chanted over and over again into his chest sobbing.

“It’s ok love. If we all just stay together then nothing will be broken or get through us. Right?” Looking into Arthur’s eyes you saw a shimmer of light you haven’t seen in him for weeks, smiling you hug him.

“soeur, you are amazing for helping. We love you for that.” Francis said and hugged you as he smothered you and Arthur making you giggle.

“Francis is right da.” Ivan joins in as you giggle at the affection. You truly would go to any lengths to help out your brothers. Even if they were adopted step brothers.

“Aru~” Yao glomps the group as the twins soon join in making you feel more at home and loved.

“I will help you guys with Allen ok? I have known him since I was a wee kid.” Finally getting to talk you put your hands on your hips staring at the boys. Grinning you walk back home with them following you.

“I love you guys, with all my heart. Nothing will tear us apart.”
The whole title was going to be depressed step brothers!Allies x Step sister
Someone gave me this prompt on tumblr so I HAD to do it~
Yes I put america's 2P! in it. I didn't know who to put!
(This was like 5 pages omg//Shot)

I do not own the picture or characters
I own the story plot and you.

I love how this turned out <3

I love you guys! I love the comments you guys write! :)
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